Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Salicylic Acid Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Many personal care products on the market today contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. When you have acne or some other skin condition, finding the right skin care products can be quite a challenge. Salicylic Acid is one of the many often harmful ingredients found in skin care products today. Many users suffer from Salicylic Acid sensitivity, which can lead to various reactions, making it even more important to find the right skin care products.

Main Symptoms of Salicylic Acid Sensitivity

Salicylates occur naturally in many plants and are used in pain relievers and many health/beauty products. Salicylic Acid sensitivity is marked by many conditions, which include:
• Headaches
• Nasal Congestion
• Stomach Pain
• Itching or Skin Rash
• Swelling of Hands, Feet, and Face
• Changes in Skin Color
Some more severe reactions can lead to life-threatening problems like a severe drop in blood pressure or organ system failure.

Do You Have Salicylic Acid Sensitivity? Choose Cleure Natural Skin Care Products

When you visit, you’ll find natural and safe skin care products that are free of Salicylic Acid and many other harmful ingredients. Acne treatments, anti-aging products, and sensitive skin care products from Cleure will nourish your skin and help you avoid the problems of Salicylic Acid sensitivity.

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