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Salicylate Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Salicylate Sensitivity: Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Salicylates refer to a group of analgesics that are often found in aspirin and other pain relievers. Naturally occurring in many plants and foods, salicylate sensitivity can come on quite unexpectedly. In addition to being a common ingredient in pain relievers, salicylate is also found in skin care products. Acne treatments, cleansers, makeup, and many other personal care products may contain the chemical, which is also made synthetically.

Which Skin Care Products May Cause Salicylate Sensitivity?

Some personal care products that may contain salicylate acid or other forms of the compound include:
• Acne Products
• Bubble Baths
• Shampoos and Conditioners
• Shaving Cream
• Skin Cleansers
• Soaps
If you suffer from salicylate sensitivity, you’ll want to shop for skin care products that are free from this ingredient. Although many people can use these products with no adverse reaction, a person with an allergy can face symptoms like difficulty breathing, swelling of extremities, skin rash, and many others.

However, with continued long term use, anyone may develop salicylate sensitivity. Salicylates may be found as salicylic acid, or may be hidden in other unsuspecting common terms. According to Paul St. Amand, M.D., salicylates are found in:

  • Oils, gels or extracts containing a plant name

  • In sunscreens, avoid ingredients with homosalate, meroxyl, meradimate

  • Mint, menthol, menthyl

  • Camphor, balsam, pygnogenol, bisabol

  • Bioflavinoids

  • Salicylate Sensitivity: Why Choose Cleure Products?
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