Friday, November 4, 2011

Mineral Mascara - The Right Choice for Sensitive Skin

Many people are suffering with sensitive skin and can no longer use their favorite mascara or other makeup. Mineral mascara and mineral makeup in general, is a safer choice to so called 'natural' mascara with herbal ingredients.

If you can't use your favorite brand of mascara or other makeup without your eyes watering or your skin breaking out, you have sensitive skin. You could have developed sensitivity due to years of using irritating ingredients. Although there are other causes of sensitive skin, daily use of irritating, harsh ingredients may be one cause. Most people don't realize so called natural ingredients are commonly one of the enemies to healthy skin. These 'natural' ingredients, as in natural mascara, may contain pesticides, harsh preservatives and side effects due to herbal extracts and essential oils.

Minerals are natural without the side effects of herbal ingredients. Drugs come from herbs and most if not all, herbal extracts and essential oils from herbs have some form of side effects.

With Cleure you can be beautiful without concern of such ingredients. We focus on the mildest, safest non irritating formulas . Although, some skin problems may be due to other factors that also need to be addressed, we do our part in providing safe gentle products to help make it easier to find the cause and treat your skin problems.

We feel you can be beautiful without toxins. You deserve it.

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