Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Choose Salicylate Free Products for the Entire Family

The constant search for the safest and most effective products can leave many consumers confused. With so many choices and ingredients, it’s a good idea to become aware of the best options to keep your family safe and healthy. In many cases, common personal care and household products contain ingredients, to which a family member may have an unknown allergy or sensitivity. One such ingredient is salicylic acid. Found in pain killers, shampoo, skin care, dental care, and other common products, exposure to salicylic acid can be harmful to those with allergies. In order to avoid adverse reactions, it’s best to choose salicylate free products.

How Do You Find Salicylate Free Products?

Many creators of natural, organic, and vegan products will exclude salicylic acid from its ingredients. A simple Internet search can yield results of products for the entire family, all of which are salicylate free products. A visit to www.Cleure.com gives you access to a full inventory of products that are free of salicylic acid and many other potentially harmful ingredients.

The Many Options in Salicylate Free Products From Cleure

Cleure features products for the entire family. Cleure’s inventory of salicylate free products includes skin care, makeup, dental care, hair/body care, supplements, and more. Prevent possible reactions caused by salicylic acid sensitivity by choosing the natural product line you’ll find at Cleure.

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