Friday, July 15, 2011

Skin Care for all Ethnicities

skin care for black women
Should your skin care routine vary based on your ethnicity? Although there are certain factors that are unique to lighter versus darker skin, there really should be only healthy and unhealthy skin types to consider.
Darker skin has the advantage of melanin to help provide some protection from the sun's UV rays. But this should not give a blank check to those with darker complexions to spend hours in the sun without sunscreen. Although skin cancer may be less common, it does occur. Excessive sun exposure can also cause premature aging, lackluster texture and splotchiness in both dark and light compexitions alike.
In general, if you follow the tips below, no matter what your skin "type" or ethnic background may be, you'll help bring about a beautiful, healthy skin, which is what all women want and deserve.
  • Practice daily routine of cleansing your skin with a gentle salicylate-free cleanser. I always recommend that patients stay away from cleansers or soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate. This harsh detergent may cause allergies and a myriad of other skin problems.
  • Moisturize with a day cream before applying makeup, and another for night time to hydrate and help minimize premature aging.
  • On a weekly or monthly bases, use a gentle gluten-free exfoliating scrub to remove dead cells that accumulate on your skin. Follow with a mask to nourish your skin with vital nutrients.
  • Choose products based on simple and safe instead of fancy labels or which star is representing the brand.
  • Use a natural sunscreen containing non-micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide of at least 25 - 30 SPF when being exposed to the sun.
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About the Author Dr. Flora Stay is a wellness expert, author, speaker, practicing dentist and professor at the University of Southern California. She first introduced her SLS-free toothpaste line in 1993. Unprecedented demand for SLS-free products impelled the Cleure line to also offer salicylate-free skin care products and makeup.

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